1. These clouds. Gloriousness. #LoveFL (at Baldwin Park)

  2. The lone cactus. And some sweet wall art. @prplrckscssrs

  3. North and south ends of the sky. #Florida #clouds #nofilter (at Baldwin Park)

  4. Takin it all in. One last day here for a while.

  5. #clouds (at somewhere in georgia)

  6. Tranquility.

  8. Thank goodness.

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  9. #yellow #paperclip #friday


  11. "

    "We loved with a love that was more than love."

    We could learn from this.

    — Edgar Allen Poe¬†*Glamour (via glamour)
  12. Not to shabby, but Georgia still ain’t got nothin on Florida sunsets. #wheremypalmtreesat

  13. Cheers to seven years. (at King + Duke)

  14. @Target @coldplay So ecstatic this came in the mail today!!! #ghoststories #morecoldplay

  15. #Murica