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    If you believe in yourself anything is possible.

    The snail

    This photoset made me so happy. You go, lil snail.

    lil lil snail has big big dreams

    Good inspiration.

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  2. fallontonight:

    It’s time for another round of "Questions and Danswers" (where people in NYC have to dance while discussing current events)!

    Love this #questionsanddanswers

  3. Last day on the mountain #breck (at Top Of Peak 8 Breckenridge)

  4. smilewithfloridamemory:

    I will not love any “otters.”

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  5. wnderlst:

    Big Ben, London | Sonu Oberoi

    Take me back. #london

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  6. A wall of #coffee (at Octane Coffee)

  7. Tadlock Family Winter Olympics Game night, Wii style. Complete with serious scorecard, ski gear, and medals. #olympics

  9. holly-go-brightly:

    DIY Cross-stitched Heart Print - Henry Happened

    I love the simplicity of this diy, it’s cute without being overly cute-sy.

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  11. #geometry #buckhead #architecture (at Two Alliance Center)

  12. So this just happened. And it was the most entertaining part of my night by far. #SuperBowl48

  13. Finally ventured out to see what’s left of the ice and snow today, and left my mark. #Love #ATL #loveoneanother

  14. oldflorida:

    Flamingo Friday

  15. I miss Florida somethin fierce, but these leaves are pretty awesome. God is so artistic.